Cafe Society

Café Society is a four piece

band specialising in Jazz,

Dixieland and hot 20's music.


Café Society will enhance any event. They are available acoustically or with full amplification and are presented in several different dress styles.




As light background music they will set a happy tone. If playing during a meal, Café Society has proved to be an excellent aid to digestion.

We can adapt to almost any event, from shopping centres, garden fates, piers and grand openings to entertaining celebrities of stage and screen at The National Theatre, our blend of cheerful rhythmic tunes and expert professionalism never go unnoticed.


We also have a cabaret element. With a mixture of lively music, audience participation and devestating humour, we take you on a musical meander down memory lane with tributes to such stars as Al Jolson, Noel Coward and even George Formby!


Video Showreel

Grand Openings

Mesnes Park


Cafe Society's blend of colourful attire and bright, happy music are a definite boon when planning your event.



We have enjoyed success in shopping centres, on piers and even construction sites!


(is there no end to our versatility???!!!)


We also have the added bonus of being able to work fully amplified or entirely acoustically, making us able to move wherever and whenever you need us to.



In shopping centres, children gawp amazed, and hooded chavs cease their thuggery.


On piers and bridges, we have shown many a potential jumper that life is still worth living!


At football matches we have proved a useful draw for an angry crowd!