Red Hot Ukulele


Lynda Styan, with vivid voice and rocking wooden ukulele


Anthony Mason, virtuoso on the ukulele banjo, with lusty larynx and a fine line in bravura banter


‘Red Hot ukulele’ have been described as




 by usually unexcitable observers and


‘perfectly wonderful’


by the more eloquent.




Amberley Working Museum





West Sussex 



positively insisted on having them there 

for their 

War Time Event


'Amberley Home Front'



They made their first appearance at the world famous Brooklands Museum




For their event


'1940s Relived'




South Devon Railway



had them returning for the second year running

Entertaining the crowds for their 1940s event.

Above are photos from Buckfastleigh


Below is video from Buckfastleigh

The Goodwood Revival

West Sussex

Saw the return of


Red Hot Ukulele


for the second year...


Then Back to



Amberley Working Museum





West Sussex 






        For their 1920s Weekend






       and then their Steam Fair




Red Hot Ukulele have delighted the crowds

three years running at the Twinwood Vintage Event 


The Royal Artillery surrendered to us at Larkhill Barracks one memorable evening of Spitfires and rain, while entire towns still talk of us in awed whispers.

We are also not necessarily tied to the stage with full PA system.......

 We do walkabout with our instruments and voices, generating grins and getting toes tapping,

even if they’re inside Doc Martens or size ten army issue!

Red Hot Ukulele

Brooklands Museum Weybridge Surrey 1940s Relived