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Welcome to our jolly old site where we offer entertainment from our very favourite era.


The coves mentioned in these pages are top notch and positively delight in creating an atmosphere with a style and humour which will leave you breathless, convinced you are dreaming and longing to cut a rug!


As in the day, all entertainment is available as an acoustic delight or can provide a full PA system should the occasion require. 



Good Old Days

2020  Tour

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Cafe Society offer the full gambit!


At home on stage or in any corperate situation they offer variety, 

style and charm.


Do

Red Hot Ukulele Duo 

1920s–1940s UKULELE/VOCAL DUO for themed and corporate events.


'Red’ Lynda Styan with the vivid voice and rocking wooden ukulele and


'Hot’ Anthony Mason virtuoso on the ukulele banjo, faster than Formby with lusty larynx and a fine line in bravura banter.


The two of us together have been described as ‘dynamite’ by usually unexcitable observers and ‘perfectly wonderful’ by the more eloquent.


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George Formby 



Anthony Mason


Strums his Little Ukulele through the exploits of Mr Wu, 

whilst showing a cheeky aspect when Cleaning Windows

and no doubt

Lamposts will be leant on! 


North Euston Orpheans

1920s 1930s Orchestra

Last Wednesday of the month.

£6.00 admittance

12 midday till 2.30pm


North Euston Hotel


The Esplanade,



Phone: 01253 876525